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Sunday February 2nd, 2014 – Kendall Square, Cambridge

Super Sunday is a fundraiser for several fantastic charitable organizations.  For 2014, Super Sunday will support TargetCancer , Gronk Nation Youth Foundation and the East Cambridge Little Baseball League. Please help us increase the amount raised for these organizations by creating a fundraising page.  We’ve got great prizes to reward you for reaching certain amounts.

Fundraisers run for free! 

Step 1 – register for Super Sunday

Step 2 – create your Super Sunday fundraising page

Please raise at least $100 via your personal fundraising page by 1/15.

Fundraising Incentives:

Earn prizes as you reach donation amounts:

$200 – RACE fundraiser tshirt ($20 value)
$500 - RACE fundraiser tshirt ($20 value) + RaceMenu swag bag w/ mug, tshirt, winter cap and gloves ($50 value)
$1,000 - Super Sunday limited-edition hoodie sweatshirt + all of the above ($125 value)